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Volkswagen Regular Maintenance Service

Download Engine Change engine oil and oil filter Check and replenish engine coolant Check engine  compartment for leaks and damage (visual check) Check condition and tension of driving belts Check air filter Check spark plugs Check components in engine compartment: Visual check for leaks (e.g. fuel, coolant, oil) and damage Engine management system diagnosis using VAS diagnostic tester Transmission System Check transmisson fluid Check swivel ¡oints and boots for leaks and damage Check transmission system, differential and drive shaft bellows for leaks and damage Brake System Check brake fluid Brake system: Perform visual check for leaks and damage Front and rear brake pads/linings: Check thickness Check brake discs/drums Check, clean and adjust brakes, including parking brake (if applicable) ABS/ESP, electronic parking brake system: Diagnosis using VAS tester (if applicable) Steering System Check steering system for leaks and damage (if applicable) Track rod ends: Check play, security and boots