Home Tips & Tricks 1999 Volvo V70 XC WHEEL HUB UNIT Removal

1999 Volvo V70 XC WHEEL HUB UNIT Removal

Download 1. Remove the wheel. Remove the ABS sensor. Detach the ABS sensor cable from the spring strut. 2. Remove both mounting bolts from the brake caliper. Hang up the brake caliper on the spring strut to prevent strain on brake hose.Do not disconnect brake hose. CAUTION: Manufacturer recommends replacing axle shaft bolt if original is removed. 3. Remove the bolt from end of axle shaft. See Fig. 7 . Remove the locating pin for the brake disc. Remove the brake disc. NOTE: Manufacturer recommends using NEW anti-roll bar link nut if original is removed. 4. Tap the end of the axle shaft into the hub approximately 0.4-0.6″ (10-15 mm) using a brass drift. Remove the upper link for the anti-roll bar from the spring strut. 5. Remove the steering arm (tie rod end) from the wheel spindle using Puller (999 5259), or equivalent.