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Upper/Lower Windshield Tick Noise ’02-’09 Toyota/Scion


Download Repair Procedure Upper Windshield Glass Stoppers: 1. Remove both sun visors and both A-pillar garnishes, and then carefully lower the front of the headliner to gain access to the windshield stoppers (refer to the appropriate model year Repair Manual for the proper  procedure). NOTE: It is very important that the front of the headliner be lowered carefully and slowly. Applying too much downward force on the headliner will cause it to develop a permanent crease in the surface material. The stoppers are located on the inside of the passenger compartment behind the windshield glass blackout section (near the top front edge of the metal roof opening). The stoppers are typically located 20 – 25 cm (7.9 – 9.8 in.) inboard of the top corners of the windshield glass. 2. Cut OFF the tip of the plastic stopper as shown in the illustration. HINT: It is sometimes necessary to bend the metal body tab down to gain access to the shaft of the stopper. 3. Once the tip of the stopper has been removed, use a screwdriver to open a gap between the roof panel and the remainder of the plastic windshield stopper. 4. Test drive vehicle prior to reassembly to confirm that the noise has been eliminated. 5. Reassemble the vehicle.