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Acura RL 2005 AFS Indicator Comes On With DTC B2130

Download SYMPTOM The AFS (adaptive entrance lighting system) indicator comes on with DTC B2130. PROBABLE CAUSE A software program error within the AFS management unit. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the AFS control unit. DIAGNOSIS Test for AFS and VSA DTCs utilizing the HDS. NOTE: AFS DTC info is within the Physique Electrical section of the service manual. • If AFS DTC B2130 is present, however there are not any VSA DTCs, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE. • If both AFS DTC B2130 and VSA DTC 27 are present, disregard this service bulletin and do the troubleshooting within the service manual. Troubleshoot VSA DTC 27 first, then AFS DTC B2130. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Flip the ignition change to LOCK (zero). 2. Disconnect the HDS from the DLC. 3. Regulate the steering column upward. 4. Take away the motive force’s dashboard undercover: • Consult with web page 20-100 in the 2005-07 RL Service Manual, or • Online, enter key phrase DASHBOARD, and choose Driver’s Dashboard Undercover Removing/ Installation from the list.