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TRD Quick Shifter Service Manual '07-10 Yaris/Scion xD

Download Removal and Installation: A. Check Kit Contents 1. Check kit for contents and damage. B. Vehicle Preparation 1. Use blankets to protect the front grille area and the front seat area. 2. Set parking brake. 3. Disconnect negative battery cable from battery. C. Removal Procedure: Air Filter Enclosure Assy. 1. Disconnect the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor connector from the MAF sensor. (Fig. C1) 2. Separate the fuel vapor feed hose and fuel vapor feed hose No.1 from the Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) assembly. (Fig. C1, top-left detail) 3. Remove the VSV assembly (w/mount) from the air filter hose by gently pulling VSV mount towards front of car. (Fig C2) 4. Remove the ventilation hose from the air filter hose. (Fig. C1, top-right detail) 5. Loosen the air filter hose clamp on the throttle body side. (Fig. C1) 6. Separate the MAF sensor wire loom mount from the air filter lid and the wire loom itself from the second bracket on the air filter lid. (Fig. C3) 7. Remove the air filter lid and air filter element. 8. Separate the wire harness clamp from the air filter case. (Fig. C4) 9. Remove the two 10mm bolts and remove air filter case with air filter inlet tube No. 1. (Fig. C4) D. Removal Procedure: Transmission Cable Ends