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B-CAN Troubleshooting Tips: ’03 Honda Accord


Download When troubleshooting the Body Controller Area Network (B-CAN) on a ’03 Accord, do Test Mode A on page 22-96 of the 2003 Accord S/M, then refer to these tips: • Record all symptoms, and carefully check the vehicle for installation of non-Honda accessories. • Record all B-CAN DTCs and all system-related DTCs (PGM-FI, TCS, etc.) that are set. • If DTC B1177 [abnormal battery voltage (7.5V)] is set, test the battery, and charge it if needed. Low battery voltage can cause false DTCs that may not have a thing to do with the actual problem. • Clear all DTCs, and find out which DTCs come back. • Record the DTCs that come back, and sort them by DTC type using the DTC Troubleshooting Index on page 22-107 of the S/M. • Troubleshoot the DTCs in this order: 1st – Internal error or battery voltage 2nd – Loss of communication 3rd – Signal error • If you’ve got multiple DTCs of a certain type, such as three loss of communication DTCs, always start your troubleshooting with the DTC having the lowest numeric value (for example, troubleshoot DTC B1006 before DTC B1058).