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Acura 3.2 2000 TL Initialize the OPDS

Download On ’00 3.2TLs, and ’99-00 3.5RLs it’s worthwhile to initialize the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) everytime you replace one or both of these parts: – OPDS unit (within the seat-again) – OPDS sensor (a part of the seat-again foam) When you don’t initialize the system, you’ll get an SRS DTC 15-1 (faulty OPDS unit). There are two methods to initialize the OPDS: with the PGM Tester or with the S/M procedure. We want using the PGM Tester, as a result of the S/M process has more steps, and requires you to use the PGM Tester together with the SCS Service Connector. Right here’s the best way to do each procedures: OPDS Initialization: PGM Tester 1. Alter the passenger’s seat-again to an upright position, and remove anything that’s on or close to the seat. 2. Make sure the PGM Tester is loaded with software model SN000 or higher, and have the PGM Tester autoprobe handy. (The autoprobe [P/N 02001373] is often used to troubleshoot ’92-ninety five vehicles.)