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2001-2006 Ford Escape CAMSHAFT TICK NOISE

Download ISSUE Some 2001-2005 Taurus/Sable, 2001-2006 Escape and 2005-2006 Mariner vehicles built prior to 1-17-2006 equipped with the 3.0L 4V Duratec engine may exhibit a ticking noise from the left bank cylinder head, with the engine at normal operating temperature only. ACTION To diagnose, with the engine running and warm (normal operation temperature), using a mechanic’s stethoscope determine if the ticking noise is coming from the left hand intake camshaft at cylinder number 6, (Figure 1). If the ticking noise can be verified, refer to the following Service Procedure. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove the left bank valve cover. Refer to Workshop Manual, Section 303-01B. 2. Rotate the engine clock wise until the cylinder number 6 intake cam lobes are pointing up and the valves are fully closed. 3. Remove all left hand intake cam caps individually and reinstall them finger tight. NOTE THE CAMSHAFT CAPS MUST BE COMPLETELY LIFTED OFF AND THEN SET BACK INTO POSITION. LOOSENING AND RE-TORQUEING CAP BOLTS IS NOT SUFFICIENT.