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2005 Audi RNS-E Unit Installation

Download 2005 Audi RNS-E Unit Installation The RNS-E unit is a full screen DVD based navigation system that was included in many 2005+ Audi vehicles as an option in the USA. Feel free to check out the Navplus.us website for full details on this modification. I used parts that were made specifically for USA bound vehicles, to minimize any catastrophies on my part, and because I wanted a brand new factory unit provided with a 1 year warranty. If you plan to use a separate antenna other than the shark fin, please look closely at figure 48 that is part of step 25. You can see how the Navigation antenna is neatly tucked in a cubby hole in the center of the picture, and being held in place with velcro. If your USA RS6 was ordered previously without the Navigation system, there is nothing to worry about. You can still use this write up as guidance. You can try and use the Navigation antenna you purchased and fit it behind the instrument cluster as shown in figure 48 (center of picture), and start on step 17. Reading the write up fully is still a great help nonetheless.