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Peugeot 207 turbo FMIC fitting guide

Download 1/Place vehicle on ramp or axle stands. Open Bonnet/Hood. Remove the 4xT20 torx screws from the top edge of the bumper. Remove the T20 torx screw within each wheelarch. Remove the 2×10mm bolts and the 4 plastic clips that retain the lower edge of the bumper. Remove the front sections of both front wheelarch liners by removing the plastic retaining clips. Once the arch liners are loose you can gain access to the 2×10mm bolts each side that retain the bumper to the front wing/fender. Disconnect the fog light connections either side and lift the whole front bumper section clear. See pictures below. 2/ Remove the plastic grille on the upper right of the engine bay by turning the 2 slots through 90 degrees to the right. Remove both complete headlamps, these are retained by 3×10mm screws and the single electrical connection to each headlight. 3/ Remove the 2×13mm bolts at the top of the radiator panel as shown below. Loosen the 2x hose clips at the top of the convoluted hoses from the intercooler. Completely remove the 2 plastic air pipes located on top of the engine (the 2 leading to the intercooler hoses) by removing the 2×10mm bolts that retain each pipe. Remove the single air conditioning pipe bracket on the lower left as you look at the front of the car (see picture below).