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Door Glass Displacement Field Fix '98 – '99 TMMK Camry


Download Windows – Door Glass Displaced Introduction On some 1998 and 1999 Camry Vehicles, the door glass may be displaced from the front door glass run if the door is closed forcefully with the windows partially down. A field fix has been developed in order to remedy this condition. Repair Procedure Refer to 1998 Camry Repair Manual (Vol. 2) Pages BO-11-14. 1. Remove the front door trim to gain access to the window components. 2. Inspect the front and rear lower frames and the door glass run for damage as a result of the glass being displaced. ^ In cases of slight deformation of window frames, reform as necessary. If significantly deformed or damaged, replace the frame. ^ Replace the window run if cut, torn, mutilated, etc. 3. Replace any damaged parts. 4. Remove front lower frame from the door and attach the self-adhesive rubber stopper (P/N 67212-AAO1O) 120 mm from the top of the frame as shown above. NOTE :To insure proper adhesion of the self-adhesive rubber stopper, the surface of the frame must be cleaned to remove any foreign material. 5. Reinstall the front lower frame, door glass run, and door trim.