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Rear Bearing 0-Ring Service Tip ’02 Camry, Avalon & Solara


Download Rear Hub Bearing O-Ring – Service Tip – Introduction When replacing the rear hub bearing assemblies on 1997 – 2001 model year Camry, 2000 – 2002 Avalon and 1999 – 2002 Solara vehicles, replace the 0-ring. Repair Procedure REMOVAL 1. Remove Rear Wheel. Torque: 103 N.m (1,050 kgf.cm, 76 ft.lbf) 2. With Disc Brake: Remove Brake Caliper and Disc. A. Remove the brake caliper and disc. Torque: 47 N.m (475 kgf.cm, 34 ft.lbf) B. Support the brake caliper securely. 3. With Drum Brake: Remove Brake Drum. 4. Remove Rear Axle Hub. A. Remove the 4 bolts and rear axle hub. B. Remove the 0-ring. NOTE: Please ensure that the 0-ring is replaced with a new service part when installing the bearing assembly. C. With Drum Brake: Remove the bolt, and disconnect the flexible hose from the shock absorber. D. Support the backing plate securely. 5. With ABS: Remove ABS Speed Sensor Torque: 8.0 N.m (82 kgf.cm, 71 in.lbf) INSTALLATION Installation is in the reverse order of removal.