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1997 Ford Explorer Engine REMOVAL

Download 1. Remove the hood. 2. Drain the cooling system; refer to Section 303-03 . 3. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 4. Remove the fan shroud and fan blade assembly; refer to Section 303-03 . 5. Discharge and recover the air conditioning system R134a coolant; refer to Section 412-00 . 6. Remove the air conditioning condenser; refer to Section 412-03 . 7. Remove the battery; refer to Section 310-01 . 8. Remove the accessory drive belt. 1. Turn the tensioner pulley clockwise. 2. Remove the accessory drive belt. 9. Remove the three power steering reservoir bolts and position the power steering reservoir aside. 10. Remove the power steering rear bolt. 11. Rotate the power steering pulley for access to remove the three power steering pump bolts. 12. Remove the power steering line bracket nut at the side of the air conditioning compressor. 13. Position the power steering pump and power steering reservoir aside.