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Maintenance Schedule For ‘92 Toyoya Previa/Land Cruiser

Download For 1992 models, the Toyota owner’s manual offers 3 maintenance sections within the maintenance chapter following the introduction page as follows:(1) GENERAL MAINTENANCE This section describes maintenance items which are the owner’s responsibility. (2) SCHEDULE A This schedule is for those Toyota vehicles which may require more frequent maintenance, due to driving conditions, environment, etc. This was formerly known as the “Severe” schedule. (3) SCHEDULE B This schedule is Toyota’s minimum maintenance requirement. Items on this schedule must be performed to maintain Toyota’s warranty coverage. This was formerly known as the ”Normal” schedule The highlights of required service are as follows: – Every 7,500 or 12 months / oil and filter change – Every 15,000 or 24 months / chassis components service – Every 30,000 or 36 months / engine and chassis service A summary of the 1991 maintenance schedule “B” chart for three 1991 Toyota models is provided on page 3 of this bulletin for your convenience and quick reference. SCHEDULE “A” REQUIREMENTS Several items require more frequent service under certain driving conditions as described in both the Owner’s and Repair Manuals.