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2001 Lexus GS 300 Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Download NOTE: This is the only information provided by the manufacturer for reading diagnostic trouble codes for this system. 1. WARNING FOR A/C COMPRESSOR LOCK If compressor lock occurs during A/C operation, the A/C switch indicator on the A/C control assembly starts blinking. When this occurs, check for compressor lock (DTC B1422) using diagnosis trouble code check then proceed to inspect the circuit or the component. Compressor lock sensor circuit. (See DTC B1422 Compressor Lock Sensor Circuit) 2. LIST OF OPERATION METHODS By operating each of the A/C control switches as shown in the diagram, it is possible to enter the diagnosis check mode. 3. INDICATOR CHECK b. Check that all the indicators light up and go off at 1 second intervals 4 times in succession. HINT: After the indicator check is ended, the diagnostic trouble code check begins automatically. Press the OFF switch when desiring to cancel the check mode. 4. DTC CHECK (SENSOR CHECK)