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1994 Cadillac DeVille Concours Passive Struts – Use on Ride Control Equipped Vehicle

Download Some owners may bring their vehicles in for service with an illuminated service suspension light. The service suspension indicator lamp is telling theowner that the vehicle is due for strut/shock replacement, a maintenance item. The customer may elect to have passive struts installed in theirvehicles due to repair cost savings and/or parts availability. The installation of passive shock/struts will result in handling characteristics which arethe equal to a like vehicle without the computer controlled ride, with all other components such as tires, tire pressure, springs, etc. being equal. Theinstallation of (4) new passive struts will cause the continued illumination of the service suspension indicator. If desired by the customer, the serviceindicator may be disabled AFTER THE INSTALLATION OF THE (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS, using the appropriate service procedure listedbelow. This bulletin DOES NOT authorize this procedure unless (4) NEW PASSIVE STRUTS WERE INSTALLED ON THE VEHICLE.The wiring harness going to each strut and or shock assembly should be cut and taped back to clean-up the appearance both under the hood andunder the vehicle.