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1999 Kia Sportage Drivetrain – 4WD Mode Inoperative

Download CONDITION 4 wheel drive mode inoperative (diagnosed either during or after replacing knuckles and hub seals) due to insufficient vacuum being applied to the hubs. CAUSE In some cases moisture has entered the vacuum system, and vacuum lines have become corroded, plugged, or have developed a leak. CORRECTIVE ACTION Verify that with 4 wheel drive mode selected, vacuum is present at the T-fitting downstream from the solenoid (see photo). If not, diagnose and repair as required, otherwise use the following procedure to replace the vacuum lines: Note: Procedure applies to right side line; left side needs no further info. Disconnect and remove battery and battery tray. Leaving ground cables attached, remove clamp bracket from battery tray bottom and move out of the way. Remove plastic air resonator and disconnect throttle cable (plus A/T control cable if equipped). Disconnect MAF and IAC connectors, and 6 mm bolt holding DLC and MAF brackets to air cleaner housing. Disconnect air intake tube from throttle body, and MAF sensor from air