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EC Rearview Mirror Service Manual ‘09 Yaris Hatchback

Download EC REARVIEW MIRROR Service Procedure 1. Remove Battery Cable. (a) Protect fender before starting. (b) Do not touch the positive terminal with any tool when removing cable. (c) Remove the negative battery cable. (Fig. 1-1) 2. Vehicle Disassembly. (a) Remove the OE mirror. (1) Disengage the two claws and remove the mirror cover from the mirror base. (Fig. 2-1) (2) Pull the lever in the direction indicated by the arrow shown in the illustration and slide the inner rear view mirror assembly upward to remove it. (Fig. 2-1) (b) Using panel removal tool remove map light assembly from headliner. (Fig. 2-2) (1) Disconnect the map light connector. (c) Disengage both driver side and passenger side sun visor holders from the roof by rotating counter clockwise between 60 to 120°. (Fig. 2-3) (1) Do not completely remove visor holders from headliner. (d) Using panel removal tool, pry DRIVER SIDE visor mount cover off from visor mount. (Fig. 2-4) (1) DO NOT fully remove cover. (e) Using panel removal tool, pry downward on visor mount to disengage two (2) clips and remove visor. (Fig. 2-5) (f) Pull weather-stripping down past top of Apillar garnish. (Fig. 2-6) (1) When pulling down the weather strip, if the metal headliner clip pops off, …