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Anti-Theft Alarm System '99 Mercedes Benz ML 320

Download Condition The anti-theft alarm (ATA) may sound for no apparent reason after being armed DTC P1716, indicating an interior protection/tow sensor fault may be stored in the All Activity Module (AAM) as a result. The possible cause of this condition may be a software error in the security/trip computer tow sensor. Procedure 1. Verify that this service campaign has not already been performed (see step 5) 2. Replace the security/trip computer depending on the vehicle options (see WIS: AR54.21-P-9832GH Removing and installing trip computer control module and AR82.20-P-1100GH, Removing and installing front overhead control panel). 3. Version code the AMM using StarDiagnosis (DAS) or the Hand-Held Tester (HHT) as follows: ^ 09 Trip computer ^ Set to “present” (if equipped) ^ 12 ATA Interior/anti-tow protection ^ Set to present 4. Read out and erase any relevant DTC’s using StarDiagnosis or the HHT. 5. Affix the orange sticker supplied with the replacement computer to the inside of the garage door opener access panel or Home-link(R) universal access panel. Note: The orange sticker is used to identify the vehicle as having been retrofitted with a new security/trip or security computer.