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The Printer Won’t Recognize the Refilled Ink Cartridge


Refilling inkjet cartridges may help your business reduce its supply costs, if a relatively inexpensive ink kit enables you to reuse otherwise expensive consumables. Whether you experiment with refilling to save money, or to reduce the amount of waste your company generates, your efforts can’t produce results if the printer fails to recognize the refilled cartridge when you reinsert it. Examine your refilling procedures and your cartridges to troubleshoot the problem.

Reassembly and Installation Problems

When you refill an inkjet cartridge, you either inject ink into it or partially disassemble it to reach its supply chambers. If you don’t add the right amount of ink, or you don’t reassemble the cartridge so it retains its correct size and shape, you may have difficulty reinserting it into the printer. Additionally, if you’re using a third-party cartridge, it may be slightly narrower than the manufacturer’s own consumables, which can require extra care in lining it up properly inside the device.


If the cartridge you refilled has run dry and developed a clog, adding fresh ink won’t restore it to working life. In some cases, you can resolve an external clog by wiping the cartridge on a lint-free cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol.