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1993 Honda Accord 2.2l Sohc Radiator Replacement


Download WARNING: System is under high pressure when engine is hot. To avoid danger of releasing scalding engine coolant, remove cap only when engine is cool. Caution: When pouring engine coolant, be sure to shut the relay box lid and not to let coolant spill on the electrical parts or the paint. If any coolant spills, rinse it off immediately. NOTE: Check all cooling system hoses for damage, leaks or deterioration and replace if necessary. Check all hose clamps and retighten if necessary. Use new O-rings when reassembling. Total Cooling System Capacity [1] Manual: 6.6 L (7.0 US qt, 5.8 Imp qt) Automatic: 7.1 L (7.5 US qt, 6.2 Imp qt) Engine Coolant Refill Capacity [1] : Manual Trans: 3.0 L (3.2 US qt, 2.6 Imp qt) Automatic Trans: 3.5 L (3.7 US qt, 3.1 Imp qt) [1] Including heater and reservoir. COOLING SYSTEM BLEEDING 1. Loosen the air bleed bolt in the water outlet, then fill the radiator to the bottom of the filler neck with the coolant mixture. Tighten the bleed bolt as soon as coolant starts to run out in a steady stream without bubbles. Bleedbolt torque: 10 Nm (1.0 kg-m, 7 lb ft) 2. With the radiator cap off, start the engine and let it run until warmed up fan goes on at least twice). Then, if necessary, add more coolant mix to bring the level back up to the bottom of the filler neck. 3. Put the radiator cap on, then run the engine again and check for leaks.