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Harley Davidson MC/MIC Harness Installation Guide


Download Harley Davidson MC/MIC Harness Installation Guide – Use the diagonal cutters and razor blade to cut any tie wraps or harness coverings away from the harness connected to C28. At least 3 ” of wire must be unsheathed. Use a 1/16″ wide blade flat screw driver to push the Ampseal connector wedge lock tabs away from the red wedge lock as shown in Photo 3. Pull the wedge lock up as shown in Photo 4. The wedge lock should never be removed from the housing for insertion or removal of the contacts. Photo 3 – Connector Disassembly Step 1 Photo 4- Connector Disassembly Step 2 Technique for removal of Ampseal contacts from the connector housing (refer to Photos 5 and 6): Grab the wire to be removed with needle nose pliers or hemostats. While rotating the wire back and forth over a half turn (1/4 turn in each direction), gently pull the wire until the contact is removed. Photo 5- Pin Removal, Step 1 Photo 6- Pin Removal, Step 2 End of Removal Technique 3 of 5 Document part number: 65298R2 Installing Kennedy Audio Interface Harness part #85582 Locate Kennedy harness part #85582 and 3 pieces of 1/8″ diameter x 2″ shrink-wrap. The sequence for installing the harness is: Locate and remove the appropriate contact from,…