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How to Replace a Spare Doughnut Tire


Most donut tires inflate to 60 psi. Every vehicle comes off of the showroom floor with five tires; four are on the vehicle, and the fifth is the spare tire. The spare tire is most often called a donut because of the small size, but it is a functioning tire capable of supporting your vehicle when properly inflated. However, donut tires are not made for continuous use. They will begin to break down and get damaged with repetitive use. You have multiple replacement options for damaged or old spare donut tires.


  • Identify the size of your spare tire. The sizing is imprinted on the sidewall. If your spare tire has been misplaced or the information on the tire is illegible, consult your owner’s manual. Under the section for changing the spare tire will be the size information. The information may also be printed on your door frame with your recommended tire sizes.