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1990 Mercedes Benz 500SL Windows – Adjustment Procedure

Download Attached to this service information is a copy of Work instruction #256 which describes the procedure for window adjustment on model 129. Figure 1 Check proper fit and adjustment of window (arrows, positions 1 and 2, Figure 1) with door and window closed The window can be adjusted at points indicated by arrows in positions 3-10 in Figure 1 (see Procedure). Procedure 1. Install hardtop, if removed. 2. Remove interior door panel (job no. 72-100). 3. Remove lower body protection panel (job no. 88-800). 4. Remove speaker group and air passage. 5. Remove protective plastic liner from door. 6. Remove inner and outer sealing rail (job no. 72-160 and 72-170, respectively). 7. Adjust door if necessary (job no. 72-050). 8. Loosen guide piece screw and push downwards. 9. Remove rubber plugs and loosen both 13 mm nuts. Turn 5.5 mm adjustment bolts so that the screws of the guide rail are in the middle of the guide bracket. 10. Adjust window with the front and rear sliding blocks so that in the lowered position, the window rests parallel and in the middle of the window channel (9 mm from door inner metal panel). Note: