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How to Stud Winter Tires


Unlike all-season radial tires (pictured), many winter tires come with predrilled hole to insert studs. Tires have to be manufactured to support studs, and not all winter tires come equipped that way. Small holes are pre-drilled in the treads of many winter tires so the tires can be sold with or without studs. The jacket holes in the tread spread out at the bottom to secure the heads of the studs. Because many sizes are available with different depth treads, it’s important to find the right stud size. Most brands will stamp the stud size on the side of the tire. Because tire tread wears, studs should never be injected into used winter tires.

Things You’ll Need: 2 percent soap to 98 percent water solution with spray bottle, Winter tire stud gun, Air compressor, Pneumatic hose for gun-to-compressor connection, Suitable-sized studs for winter tires, Tire stand, Needle-nose pliers or cutting dikes