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How Much Do New Tires Cost?


New tires can be expensive. New tire prices run the gamut from cheap to very expensive. The cost depends on various issues, from performance ability to size. The more you know about tire prices, the better you’ll be able to gauge if you’re paying too much.

All Season – As of 2010, all-season tires typically run between $35 and $80 when purchased new. All-season tires are made for the average automobile and perform year round in all types of conditions when in good shape.

High Performance – High-performance tires are one step above all season tires. They perform better under tough conditions. High-performance tires typically cost $90 to $160.

SUV & Truck Tires – Tires for SUVs and trucks are specifically built for these bigger vehicles. As of 2010, they usually cost between $55 and $125 new.