Home Tips & Tricks 1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 Remove/ Install Camshafts

1999 Mercedes Benz E 320 Remove/ Install Camshafts

Download Remove 1 Remove cylinder head covers Air cleaner mounted on vehicle. Air cleaner positioned at engine side. 2 Position piston of cylinder 1 at 40 degrees after TDC NOTE: Rotate engine at crankshaft in direction of rotation until 40 degrees marking on belt pulley/vibration damper is aligned with marking on timing case cover. The grooves on the camshafts must be pointing toward the inner V. Engine must not be rotated backwards. 3 Remove chain tensioner (2) 4 Remove camshaft Hall sensor (1) 5 Detach camshaft sprocket, take off NOTE: Tie together camshaft sprocket and timing chain with cable strap (5). 6 Detach camshaft bearing bridge (4) NOTE: Observe slackening diagram! 7 Remove camshaft Install 8 Install camshaft NOTE: Pay attention to camshaft marking when installing camshaft. See Camshaft code number and assignment. Oil the bearing surfaces! Camshafts must not be replaced individually for tolerance reasons. Pay attention to the correct position of the cap on the front end of the camshaft. 9 Attach camshaft bearing bridge (4) NOTE: Observe tightening diagram. 10 Rotate camshaft into basic position 11 Fit on camshaft sprocket NOTE: Take off cable strap (5)!