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My Printer Is Offline and Will Not Print


When you’re working on a client or company project in word processing, spreadsheet or graphics software, you’re accustomed to printing your work and finding completed pages on your printer’s output tray shortly thereafter. When your project doesn’t emerge in printed form and your hardware displays “Offline” as its status, work your way through methodical troubleshooting to find the key to your unresponsive device. From consumables to settings, an offline printer usually signals a need for basic attention, not a terminal failure.

Out of Paper, Ink or Toner

Printers take themselves out of service when they run out of paper, ink or toner, even in the middle of a print run. Some signal your computer that they’re in distress, activating an alert or error message on your screen. Others flash control panel lights in their own proprietary version of Morse code, deciphered in their documentation’s troubleshooting secction. If you’re printing a multi-page document or multiple copies of a file, check your output tray to verify where the project stopped, and restart the print job if necessary after you add paper or replace supplies.

Paper Jam

Like copiers, printers refuse to run with a jammed sheet stuck in their paper transport path. Not all jams are created equal, of course, and your hardware can stay offline for anything from a simple misfeed to,…