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1993 Toyota Celica BALL JOINT CHECKING

Download REMOVAL & INSTALLATION WHEEL BEARING Removal 1) Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove cotter pin, bearing lock nut cap and bearing lock nut (apply brakes when removing lock nut). Remove brake caliper. DO NOT disconnect brakeline. Secure caliper aside. 2) Remove disc brake rotor. Remove ABS speed sensor (if equipped). Loosen, but DO NOT remove, shock absorber lower mounting bolts. Remove cotter pin and castle nut from tie rod end. Using Puller (09628-62011), remove tie rod end from steering knuckle. 3) Remove nuts and bolt attaching lower ball joint to lower control arm. Using Puller (09950-20017), disconnect steering knuckle from axle shaft. See Fig. 1. Remove steering knuckle and axle hub as an assembly. Place steering knuckle in a vise. Remove dust deflector. 1) Raise vehicle, and place a wooden block with a height of 7.09-7.87″ (180.0-200.0 mm) under either front tire. Lower floor jack until about half vehicle load is on front struts. Place safety stands under vehicle. 2) Place front wheels in straight-ahead position, and block them. Use a rod to move control arm up and down.