Home Tips & Tricks 2010 TOYOTA TUNDRA SPARE TIRE LOCK Installation


Download 1. Assemble Jack Handle and Lower Spare Tire. (a) Remove the tool bag from the storage location (Fig. 3-1 on page 3) (b) Assemble the jack handle (3) and extensions rods (1 & 2) (Fig. 1-1). (c) Insert the square end of the extension rod through the access hole in the bumper and into the lowering screw (Fig. 1-2). (d) Turn counterclockwise making sure the jack handle remains firmly fitted to the extension rods. (e) Lower the tire partially from the vehicle to a suitable height allowing access to the lowering screw. (1) Ensure the wheel is safely supported in that position to prevent the spare tire from swaying during the spare tire lock installation. 2. Spare Tire Lock Installation. (a) Install the spare tire lock assembly into the lowering screw (Fig. 2-1). (1) Line up the cross pin on the spare tire lock with the slot on the lowering screw. Press the spare tire lock in place until fully seated into the bottom of the lowering screw. (b) Assemble the key assembly onto the hooked extension rod (Fig. 2-2). (c) Insert the extension rod with key through the access hole in the rear bumper (Fig. 2-3).