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1993 Ford Explorer Spindle Removal & Installation


Download removal 1. raise and support front of vehicle. remove wheel and tire assembly. remove brake caliper from rotor and wire it to under-body to prevent damage to brake hose. 2. remove dust cap, cotter pin, nut retainer, nut, washer and outer bearing. remove rotor from spindle. remove inner bearing and seal. discard seal. remove brake dust shield. 3. remove tie rod end from spindle arm with tie rod end remover (tool-3290-d). remove cotter pin from lower ball joint stud. remove axle clamp bolt from axle. note position of camber adjuster on top of axle. 4. using ball joint remover (d81t-3010-b), remove camber adjuster from upper ball joint stud and axle. strike inside area of axle to release lower ball joint. see fig. 4 . remove spindle and ball joint assembly from axle. caution: do not use pickle fork to separate ball joint. this will damage the seal and ball joint socket. installation 1. ensure upper and lower ball joint seals are in place. install spindle and ball joints in axle. install camber adjuster in upper spindle over upper ball joint stud. ensure slot of adjuster aligns with axle. see fig. 6 . 2. if camber adjustment is required, special adapters must be installed. install and tighten lower ball joint nut to specification. see torque specifications table at the end of this article.