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2005 Dodge Truck Dakota Transmission Solenoid/TRS


Download The transmission solenoid/TRS assembly is internal to the transmission and mounted on the valve body assembly. The assembly consists of six solenoids that control hydraulic pressure to the six friction elements (transmission clutches), and the torque converter clutch. The pressure control solenoid is located on the side of the solenoid/TRS assembly. The solenoid/TRS assembly also contains five pressure switches that feed information to the TCM. OPERATION SOLENOIDS Solenoids are used to control the L/R, 2C, 4C, OD, and UD friction elements. The reverse clutch is controlled by line pressure and the position of the manual valve in the valve body. All the solenoids are contained within the Solenoid and Pressure Switch Assembly. The solenoid and pressure switch assembly contains one additional solenoid, Multi-Select (MS), which serves primarily to provide 2nd and 3rd gear limp-in operation. The solenoids receive electrical power from the Transmission Control Relay through a single wire. The TCM energizes or operates the solenoids individually by grounding the return wire of the solenoid as necessary. When a solenoid is energized, the solenoid valve shifts, and a fluid passage is opened or closed (vented or applied), depending on its default operating state. The result is an apply or release of a frictional element. The MS and UD solenoids are normally applied to allow transmission limp-in in the event of an electrical failure.