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AEM V2 Air Intake System Manual Installation Instructions

Download 1. Preparing Vehicle a. Make sure vehicle is parked on level surface. b. Set parking brake. c. If engine has run in the past two hours, let it cool down. d. Disconnect all negative battery terminals. e. Raise the front of the vehicle with a jack. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper jack and jack stand placement to properly support vehicle. Support your vehicle using properly rated jack stands before wheel removal or while working under the vehicle. NEVER WORK UNDER A VEHICLE WITHOUT USING JACK STANDS. f. Remove the front right wheel. g. Do not discard stock components after removal of the factory system. 2. Removal of stock system a. Remove the water hose on the left of injector #4 by loosening the hose clamp and sliding the water hose upward. Be prepared to catch any coolant that spills out with a rag. NOTE: Ensure the engine is completely cool before removing the coolant hose, or hot coolant will escape from the cooling system and cause injury or damage. b. Remove the other end of the water hose from the fitting underneath the throttle body. c. Detach the PCV hose from the fitting on the valve cover. Remove the hose assembly from the car. d. Loosen the hose clamp on the throttle body. e. Remove the air intake snorkel by pulling it straight up until it unsnaps…..