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Child Restraint Seat Top Strap Installation ’83-’00 All Toyota


Download Installation Procedure Child Restraint Seat Top Strap Bracket Installation Obtain the exact year and vehicle model Toyota Owner’s Manual before beginning installation. 1. Confirm with the customer which seat location(s) they will be installing the child restraint seat. The Owner’s Manual seat section provides an illustration showing available top strap bracket location(s). The illustration page in the Owner’s Manual is shown in this bulletin. 2. Remove a 20mm diameter area of the carpet or trim material above the bracket mounting location. In some vehicles, a 20mm circle is already pre-cut into the interior trim material. Once the interior trim material is removed, the nuts welded in by the factory should be visible. 3. If a 5mm or 15mm spacer is specified, remove the red lock washer from the Bracket Sub-Assembly (P/N 73709-12010) and remove the 10mm spacer. Assure the red lock washer is re-installed onto the bolt. If a 5mm spacer is needed, use the 15mm bolt from the CRS Kit (P/N 04731-22012). 4. Install the bracket assembly, according to the directions in the Owner’s Manual. ^ Assure the top strap is attached to the child seat, according to the child seat manufacturer’s instructions.