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’98 Camry Lower Instrument Panel Assembly Service Tip


Download Instrument Panel – Revised Installation Procedure Introduction:
The instrument panel installation procedure has been revised in order to prevent rattles caused by broken clips. Please follow the procedure below when removing and reinstalling the No. 1 Lower Panel Assembly.
Production Change Information
^ 1997 – 1998 Camrys starting with the following VINs:
4T1BG22K * VUO36832, -4T1BF22K * VU008329, -4T1BG22K * VU758374, -4T1BF22K * VU906078
Repair Procedure
Refer to 1998 Repair Manual page BO-75 (Step 5) for procedure and add the following steps: c. Remove the upper clips first. d. Remove lower bolt and screw second.
^ To reinstall the panel, install upper clips first then install lower bolt & screw.
^ To prevent future rattle noises, take care not to break the clips during disassembly/reassembly.