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Mirrors – Wind Noise from the Door Mirror ’97 – ’99 Camry


Download INTRODUCTION Wind/road noise heard around the door mirrors of some Japan produced Camry vehicles may be caused by an improperly positioned mirror wire harness grommet and/or harness connector. APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 1997 through 1999 Camry vehicles. (Japan produced only) REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1. Carefully pry off the door speaker cover and remove the nut using a 10 mm socket that secures the speaker to the door. 2. Look through the door mirror harness access hole and check the position of the wire harness grommet and wire harness connector – the harness connector should be inside the grommet and the grommet should be fully seated in the mirror housing. 3. To reposition the grommet and/or harness connector onto the mirror housing: ^ Remove the mirror housing (the remaining 2 nuts) from the door and carefully unclip the mirror from the housing. This will allow easier access and reinstallation of the grommet and/or harness connector. ^ Reposition the grommet so it is fully seated to the mirror housing. Assure the harness connector is inside the grommet. 4. Reinstall the door mirror and speaker assembly: ^ Secure the mirror to the housing. ^ Properly align and reinstall the mirror assembly to the door.