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Power Steering Pressure Feed Tube ’97-’98 Camry (TMMK)


Download P/S – Pressure Feed Tube/Line Changed Introduction The power steering Pressure Feed Tube on both 4 cylinder and V6 North American produced Camrys has been changed. Production Change Information ^ 1997 – 1998 Camrys (TMMK) starting with the following VINs: 5S-FE (L4) 4T1BG22K * WU277881 4T1BG22K * WU848963 1MZ-FE (V6) 4T1BF22K * WUO573O6 4T1BF22K * WU928279 Repair Procedure: For repair of a leak at the Pressure Feed Tube and Gasket replace the Power Steering Pressure Feed Tube and Gasket. Refer to the Repair Manual for details. NOTE: Make sure the stopper of the Tube contacts the back side of the Pump Bracket as shown. NOTE: Before setting torque of the Union Bolt, make sure to position the index Bridge on the Gasket away from the Stopper on the banjo fitting. If the Index Bridge on the Gasket is deformed from its original condition, a new Gasket must be installed. Recommended repair torque for:…Refer to the appropriate Camry Repair Manual, Steering Section (SR) for additional details.