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Initializing Tire Pressure Monitor System 06 Camry Solara SE


Download INITIALIZING TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SYSTEM pressure is not within the specified range, tire pressure warning system will not function. See INITIALIZING TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SYSTEM. NOTE: If the negative battery terminal is disconnected, initialize the following systems after the terminal is reconnected: power window and sliding roof. Refer to owner’s manual or appropriate manufacturer service information. NOTE: This system requires initializing after changing tires or wheels, after rotating the tires, or when tire pressure warning light blinks twice every second. Set tire pressure within the specified range before initializing. CAUTION: DO NOT push the reset switch without adjusting tire inflation pressure. Otherwise, the low tire pressure warning light may not come on even if the tire pressure is low, or it may come on when the tire inflation pressure is actually normal. If you push the reset switch while the vehicle is moving, initialization is not performed. 1. Set the tire pressure of all wheels to pressure specified on the tire and loading information label. 2. With vehicle stopped and parking brake applied, turn ignition switch to ON position. 3. Press and hold the tire pressure warning reset switch until the tire pressure warning light blinks 3 times