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Audi S4/A6 Biturbo Short Shifter Installation Instructions

Download included in this package: – Shifter – Shift Linkage Bracket The following tools are recommended for installation: • ¼” ratchet • 10mm open end/box end wrench • 10mm socket • 3/8″ open end/box end wrench • 3/8″ socket or a 2nd 3/8″ box end wrench • flexible plunger-type four-claw retriever • socket wobble (universal joint) attachment • 1/8″ allen hex key wrench • socket extension • 6mm allen socket head bit • snap ring / circlip pliers Installation Tips Familiarizing yourself with the short shifter pieces will help make the installation process very easy. Take the time to study each of the pieces that make up the short shifter and read through the installation instructions before you begin. Step 1 – Remove shift knob Unscrew the shift knob from the original lever. Step 2 – Remove shift boot Pry up the edges of the shift boot with fingertips, remove from console. Step 3 – Remove black plastic collar Step 4 – Remove circlip Use circlip pliers to remove circlip from shift lever. Slide up and off lever. Step 5 – Remove white plastic collar Lift straight up and off lever.