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Can I Get My USB Printer to Work on the Parallel Port?


Note: This document is for getting a USB printer to work on a parallel port, not how to get a parallel port printer to work on USB.

The solution to this question is really dependent on the printer you purchased or plan on purchasing. Some printers have both a parallel port and USB connection, which allows the consumer to choose what connection they want to use. Many of these printers also allow users to have both the USB and parallel connections connected at the same time. However, printers that do include both of these solutions only come with a USB cable, it is up to the user to purchase a parallel port cable.

Printer with USB and parallel connections

If your printer contains a parallel port connection, purchase a “parallel cable” from your local retail store or from the printer manufacturer. After connecting the printer to your computer using a parallel cable, you need to change the properties of the printer to print to the “LPT” port. Microsoft Windows users can change this setting through the “Printers” icon in the Control Panel.

USB only printer with no more available USB ports

USB cable and portIf you have a USB printer and a computer that has USB but no more available USB connections, purchase a USB hub. USB is capable of supporting up to 127 different devices and a USB hub allows you to connect more USB devices to your computer.