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Optional TC Control for 7.3L PowerStroke Turbo-Diesel


Download Exhaust Brake and/or Torque Converter Controller Kit Contents • Integrated Control Module. • Harness with labeled connections for a hassle-free install. Every possible convenience was included in the harnessing to ensure an easy installation experience. • Small Parts Bag. A baggie containing fuse taps, taps, connectors, and zip-ties and such has been included to aid your installation. • Optional Plug in Kits for your model year and make vehicle (if purchased with unit) (may also be purchased after initial sale) Tools Required: • A good DMM or DVOM (Multimeter) for probing circuits. A test light will do in a pinch, but remember that test lights can be misleading if not understood or used properly. • A good quality wire stripping/cutting/crimping tool. Your installation will only be as good as the tools used! • A wire fish (coat hanger) for running wires in tough to reach locations or through the firewall if necessary. • Any additional items you wish to use to tidy up your installation. It is up to the installers ‘creativity’ to ensure the unit is properly secured. We have supplied most if not all of what you need in this department but everyone’s install will likely vary and therefore it is your responsibility to heed the warnings and specifications. Vehicle Compatibility: In general this unit is designed to be compatible with Ford and Dodge Turbo-Diesels • Ford Diesel (Exhaust Brake and/or Transmission) • Dodge Diesel (Transmission Only) Use of the Cruise Control as an interface: