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Specialist 9000 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Calibrating Stand


Download CAUTION DO NOT apply electrical power or attempt to operate the Calibrating Stand until all steps in Section 2 are completed. NOTE: Various parts in the Model 9000 Calibrating Stand may have been protected with a thick, waxy-film, heavy-duty rust inhibitor. Prior to first use, this film must be removed using mineral spirits or a standard degreasing solvent. After the rust inhibitor is removed, the part should be immediately recoated with a very light preservative oil (P-9) or equivalent. 2.1 UNPACKING THE STAND The Stand is shipped in a heavy corrugated board container and bolted to a pallet. Use metal shears to cut the straps to remove container. After removing the wooden brace holding the bed-plate down in front, remove nuts from bolts fastening Stand to the pallet. Use a lift truck to remove the Stand from the pallet. CAUTION Take care that the lift truck forks do not damage the four levelers protruding from beneath the Stand. Arrows on the side panels of the Stand show fork locations. Inspect the Stand for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. Claims for damage must be filed with the carrier within a reasonable period of time after delivery (usually 15 days). The bedplate was secured to the frame for shipment. After the Stand is properly positioned in its permanent location, remove rear and side panels. Remove the angle secured to the bedplate and frame in the rear. NOTE: Inspect interior for damage or connections which may have loosened or parted.