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How to Find a Printer IP Address


There are a few ways to find the IP address for a printer on your network. The option you choose depends on a few factors, such as what type of printer you are using or network access restrictions. To proceed, look at the following list and select the option that best pertains to particular your situation.

Onboard Configuration

A printer’s network IP address can be determined through the onboard printer menu. The menu screen upon which the IP address resides varies from printer to printer. Consequently, you may need to refer to the printer’s documentation to get the exact steps. However, the following steps should get you to the appropriate section on most machines.

  • On the printer, press the Menu or Setup button.
  • Use the appropriate buttons to navigate your way to a networking or network setup option and press Enter.
  • Use the arrows to navigate through the available network options, and select TCP/IP or IP address to view and change the IP address settings.
  • Your printer’s IP address should be listed in this section.

What are DHCP, BOOTP, EtherTalk, and Manual?

Upon entering the network setup of your printer, you’ll often be prompted for different network configurations. The following list shows the most common modes, as well as a brief description of each.

  • DHCP – The most common configuration and often the default setting. When set on a network with DHCP, the printer has its network settings assigned automatically, including IP address.
  • Manual – If you need to configure the printer’s network settings manually, choosing this option allows you to enter your network values via the keypad.
  • EtherTalk – An older method utilized for printers communicating over Ethernet using AppleTalk.
  • BOOTP – Another host configuration, similar to and developed before DHCP.