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102087 CCCI “Hotwire” Kit Installation Instructions


Download This kit is designed to improve the performance of the CCCI ignition system on the turbo Buick engine, 1986-1989. It does this by using the factory coil feed wire to energize a relay, which in turn switches full battery voltage into the CCCI coil input pin. The result is a hotter spark and considerably less voltage drop to the coils, which is particularly needed at WOT under high boost conditions. TO INSTALL: Using a ¼ in. nut driver, remove the harness connector located on the drivers side of the coil pack assembly. Pull this plug out of the module and insert into the receptacle on the kit wiring. Then, insert the remaining plug into the coil module. Tighten both connector screws securely. Attach the relay to the firewall behind the coil pack in an accessible place using the supplied sheet metal screw. You can also attach the ground ring to the same mounting screw as shown here: Run the positive feed wire over to the battery and attach to the positive lug. If your battery is in the trunk, you should attach this ring terminal to the battery junction box (if used) or on the starter positive stud. If attaching to the starter stud, be sure all wiring is permanently positioned out of the way of the hot exhaust components. This kit is supplied with a fusible link; it’s the short black wire that’s affixed to the 12 gage red relay feeder wire. In the event of short-circuit, the fuse link will burn open, preventing damage to the wiring on the kit. The sealed relay furnished with this kit is rated at 30 amps. Spare relays are available from Casper’s Electronics.