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How to Root & Unlock an EVO 4G


HTC EVO 4G is the first 4G phone available from a U.S. mobile carrier. It is an Android smartphone available from Sprint. Users root and unlock phones to change their settings. By rooting and unlocking HTC EVO 4G, users get administrator access. From there, they can remove software restrictions as well as carrier restrictions from the phone. Some users install unauthorized versions of the phone operating system. These are called custom ROMs.

Things You’ll Need : Windows PC, Nandroid, HTC Sync, Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework, SimpleRootFull .2


  • Back up the content of your EVO 4G. You can copy out the content of the phone’s microSD. To back up phone data, you will need to install Nandroid. Rooting and/or unlocking will erase everything on your phone.