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Audi MMI-3G Interface Installation Manual

Download This interface can insert video/RGB onto MMI 3G screens, so reverse image, AV, TV tuner video can be displayed. It has the following features: æ Plug and play installation without hurting the original circuit. æ 1 RGB+2AV+1 camera video input. æ Optional headrest can be installed. ?1?System connection? The 6P power connector definition: ó DIP Settings 1 ? Yellow ?Constant power 12V? 2 ? BLACK ?Ground to Chassis 3 ? GREEN ?reverse video trigger wire[=12V when reverse] 4 ??? ?input switch trigger?should be connected to 12V or 5V to switch the input[max. 25V] GREY ?this wire is not used in this interface? RED ? ACC, when connect to 12V, this interface starts working. DIP To ON position To OFF position 1 RGB enabled RGB disabled 2,3 AV1/2 enabled AV1/2 disabled 5 when green wire=12V?go to inserted camera when green wire=12V?go to original video. 4?6 No function 7?8 For Audi MMI-3G?these 2 must be set up. [for A6L with WVGA resolution :