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Download 2004-2008 RX-8 DESCRIPTION Some vehicles may experience difficulty starting (cranks no start). A cranks, no start condition may occur after driving the vehicle a short distance without engine reaching normal operating temperature. Examples: starting a vehicle and moving it to wash it, engine stall due to misapplication of clutch then restart. This commonly occurs at port facilities or dealer lots where vehicles are frequently started cold, moved for short distances and then turned off. A cranks, no start condition may be caused either by fuel flooded spark plugs or lower than normal compression due to apex seals locked into rotor groove from carbon accumulation. NOTE: • After repairs, provide customers with CUSTOMER INFORMATION on the last page of this bulletin (for customers to try after a “CRANKS, NO START” condition, before towing to dealership). REPAIR PROCEDURE “A” 1. Verify concern by attempting to start engine. – If engine starts, return vehicle to customer. – If engine fails to start, go to STEP 2.