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Powerbox Installation Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DID

Download The 1st picture shows the plastic cover where the ECU is placed – This is located in the passenger’s foot well. Remove the plastic screw and than the plastic cover. The ECU is fitted high up on the upper side. Pull out the green connector, which is placed nearest to the passenger’s feet. Connect the wires from the box to the corresponding wires on the connector. It could be that the colours on the connector are different. In this case follow up the pin numbers. Pin 1 is shown in the graphic below if you look at the contacts and not on the wires. Pin11: green/white Pin10: red Pin9: blue Pin8: black Pin7: red Pin6: white Pin5: black =>purple (From ND-Power) Pin4: red =>white (From ND-Power) Pin3: white Pin2: orange/green Pin1: black/red (thick wire) 22 View to the Contact site of the connector. Connect the purple wire to the Pin 5 (black). Connect the white wire to the Pin 4 (red). The black wire is connected to the chassis ground. Finally you have to connect the red wire to the red/black or red wire from the white connector shown on the second picture. All connections are now finished. Place the box near to the ECU and replace the plastic cover and the plastic screw.