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1991 Saab 9000 Axle Shaft Service and Repair

Download 1 Unfasten the hub centre-nut. 2 Lift the car and remove the wheel. 3 Remove the hub centre-nut. Push the axle stub back approx. 2 cm (if it pushed further back it can damage the tripod). Use puller 87 91 287 and puller arms 87 91 303 together with tool 87 91 154,puller bracket, the belongs to tool collection for manual gear 4 Remove the steering-swivel member from the MacPherson strut and unfasten the flexible hose from the hose mounting and, if appropriate, also unfasten the ABS sensor and cable. Important: Scrupulously clean the rubber gaiter and the universal joint driver. 5 Remove the clamp securing the rubber gaiter on the inner universal joint driver. Pull the universal joint apart and fit the protective cover on the rubber gaiter and universal joint driver. 6 Pull out the drive shaft from the hub.