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Renault Laguna II (2001-2005) how to • Remove the front bumper • Replace the headlights • Fix Problems with the Xenon Headlights

Download Tools you need: • Torx T-20 • Socket wrench size M10 • Small screwdriver • Chalk or pencil (if you want to put some marks on the bodykit to fix it exactly as it was) • A bucket to store the washer fluid (remember: it might be upto 6.5 liters!) • Old soft blankets, wood blocks or a friend to lend a helping hand to avoid scratches to the bumper pain Removing the bumper • Open the bonnet and you will see first it is necessary to remove the front plastic grill. Remove the front grill by removing the black plastic clips inside the engine bay. Show below left. Do this by turning them ? turn left and then lift up by the centre If you have fog lamps you can disconnect the wires. If you have Xenon lamps you have a headlight cleaning unit, disconnect the hose from the bumper, have the bucket close to hand to catch the washer fluid as it empties. • Now the bumper should be successfully be removed